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a book by our proprietor

The Outlaw John Lock

And Why Liberalism is Worth Fighting For
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Twice Sold Tales

Twice Sold Tales Ballard is a general service bookstore with an intelligent selection of books in almost all categories. We have been serving Seattle since 1992, in company with the mothership Twice Sold Tales on Capitol Hill, which opened in 1987. We provide particularly good science fiction and literature sections. 

Our Books

Life of Sir Isaac Newton

American Explorations

In The Ice Zones

Handbook For Boys

(Revised Edition)

Meet The Team


John Watkins

John MacBeath Watkins is the majority partner, managing partner, contributor and editor of the blog, facebook posts, and tweets. He has been a bookseller since 1992, and has written several books, including The Outlaw John Locke and why liberalism is worth fighting for, The Book of Forbidden Words, and a monograph titled The Evolution of Planning Sailboats.


Beau Geste

Beau Geste, greeter and watchcat, is on the premises 24/7/365. He is a formally attired tuxedo cat, gregarious and welcoming of any adoration he can gather.


Jamie Lutton

Jamie Lutton is the senior partner, silent partner, and noisy partner. She started the mothership, the Twice Sold Tales on Capitol HIll, in 1989. Jamie contributes to the blog and very occasionally turns up at the Ballard store, devoting herself mainly to the Capitol Hill store, which she owns as a sole proprietorship. It is she who tempted John into the bohemian world of bookselling.

Meet The Team
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